Is This Camouflaged C8 Corvette An E-Ray Test Mule?

Special versions of the C8 Corvette are still shrouded in secrecy, but a Corvette Forum member may have caught an E-Ray prototype. By Patrick Morgan- January 8, 2021

If you thought the hype of the C8 Corvette was over, well, you’re in store for several more years of surprises. As it stands with just one variant of C8 out, we still have Z06, Grand Sport, ZR1 and others down the pipeline. And one enthusiast may have spotted the “E-Ray” out in the wild.

This one was found on a Facebook group called “C8 Corvette,” and posted by a user named Michael Abbo. initially, they were curious if the car was a Z06. But it was quickly pointed out that the car is not a wide-body version. On our forums, the same pictures were presented, and it was noted that there’s some changes between this car and the standard C8. Most notably, by Z0sick6 who noted, “maybe that’s why it was silent.” Presuming there’s a connection between our forum user and that Facebook profile, then it would make for a first-hand account at a hybrid Corvette being seen in the wild.

The claim in their report indicates E-Ray is a mild-hybrid with electric power sent to the front wheels. This motor will act more as an engine assist rather than its own fully functional drive unit. They also claim, as we noted last year, that the E-Ray will slot in the Corvette line between the base car and the Z06, displacing the Grand Sport.

All of this speculation brings back memories of how excited we were to see the C8 continue to develop right before our eyes. The C8 debuted to much praise. You can count on the future of Corvette continuing to be a mighty force in the sports car and supercar world. The C8 as it stands is already upsetting the apple cart. Higher power versions to come will make established empires crumble.

Photos: Michael Abbo

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