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Mission Statement:

Generation Vettes is a family oriented club for those who have owned Corvette’s, currently own one or are a fan of them. We are a very active club and seek like minded individuals who want to be active within our club.


The clubs objectives are to be social with many different activities throughout the year. To have fun with Corvette’s by participating in car shows, parades, rallies and other events. Exchange information and ideas and support the community through numerous charitable activities.

Membership does not require ownership of a Corvette, however only current Corvette owners have full voting privileges. Membership dues are required each year and members that join throughout the year will have their dues prorated.

Members can be removed from the club if they do not meet the objectives, rules or hurt the reputation of the club. Removal must have the majority vote of the full board.

Meetings are held monthly and reminder emails will be sent to all active members.

Download our Bylaws

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